October 17, 2011


Board Members Present: Ellena, Guyer, Jane, Moles, Smith


Management Present: Miller, Lyon


Members: Sign-in sheet available


Meeting called to order at 6:38 p.m.




Jane moved, Ellena seconded to accept the Open Minutes of September 19, 2011 as written. Approved 5-0


Pet Policy


The Board reviewed the Highlands Pet Policy with recommended revisions from Management. A list of Members that have at least two feces offenses was also presented. Management is requesting the following revisions:


         If feces is found when the pet is not outside, the Member understands the feces will be cleaned up by a Highlands staff member without notice.

         The Member will be charged a Maintenance service charge as follows:

First offense $25.00

Second offense $50.00

Third or more offenses $75.00 each


It was also determined that a written complaint (from another Member) and a violation of the pet policy will be considered and treated in the same way within the policy by Management and the Board.


Management will also review the list of Member offenders and provide the Board with a time range of the offenses for review.


Property Tree Removals


This item was tabled until next month when employee Mark Robert will be in attendance.






Applicant Maximum Income


Although Highlands is no longer required to follow HUD policies, Highlands is continuing to use some HUD procedures as guidelines for determining the maximum income for Membership, and when current Members are to pay the 10% surcharge on their carrying charges each month. Prior to July 1, 2011, there was a difference in the maximum income amount an applicant for Membership and a current Member of Highlands were allowed to make when determining if surcharge would be paid.


Management is asking that these two income amounts be equal for determining when the 10% surcharge is used.


Guyer moved, Jane seconded to make the two maximum income amounts for Applicants and current Members be the same for determining when the 10% surcharge fee will be used. Approved 5-0


Income Reviews and Income Tax Extensions


This item was tabled.


Old Business


Jane requested that the playground area behind 1815 Georgetown be inspected. The area is very sandy but there is also a unique drainage problem that she feels may be a health and safety issue to our Members.


Management will have Grounds staff Mark Robert follow up on this issue.


Member Comments


Georgia Vroman


Ms. Vroman asked if Highlands has ever thought about putting carbon monoxide detectors into units.


Management stated that this topic was reviewed in the past. Carbon monoxide detectors need to be placed wherever there is an open flame to work properly. For example, the furnace, oven, gas dryer, etc. As a result, several detectors could be needed in a unit which could pose a large expense to the Cooperative. Plus, if installed, Highlands would also become responsible for their maintenance and replacement. As a result, it was determined that Members could install a detector in their individual unit at a relatively minor expense rather than possibly raising carrying charges for everyone if Highlands were to take on the purchase/installation/maintenance.

Patricia Knight


Ms. Knight informed the Board that she and Mark Robert have spoken several times about the issues with the playground area behind her unit, he is aware of the issues, and is investigating the best way to solve this problem.


Cathy Runge


Ms. Runge asked for clarification as to where Members are to direct written complaints or concerns when they wish to do so.


Ms. Runge was informed that complaints or concerns are to be directed to Highlands Property Manager, Nanette Miller.


Mark Davis


Mr. Davis asked if Highlands was still a HUD property and how many HUD guidelines Highlands follows. He also asked the number of holidays Highlands employees receive each year.


Management informed Mr. Davis that Highlands has no ties to HUD since our mortgages were refinanced many years ago, and therefore we are not required to follow any HUD guidelines. Management also stated and that employees receive 9 holidays per year as specified in the Unified Property Group contract.


Elvira Misner


Ms. Misner stated that it should not make a difference how many holidays a Highlands employee receives as they earn them.


Meeting Adjourned at 8:18 p.m.


I certify that this is a true and accurate statement of the Board Meeting of October 17, 2011.



Respectfully submitted,



Jackie Guyer, Secretary, Board of Directors

Highlands Cooperative Association