June 20, 2011



Board Members Present:  Ellena, Guyer, Jane, Moles, Smith


Management Present:  Miller, Lyon


Members:  Sign-in sheet available


Meeting called to order at 6:35 p.m.




Smith moved, Ellena seconded to accept the Open Minutes of May 9, 2011 as written.  Approved 5-0


Internet Video


Management informed the Board that AT&T is offering to help Highlands create a promotional video for our entry on their website.  Smith, Moles and Management will be meeting on July 16th to work on a script. 


Applicant Referral Program


In January 2010 the Board established the Member Referral Program policy that allows Members to receive an incentive (determined by Board) for referring qualified applicants who ultimately purchase a membership.


Management is requesting that this policy be activated to help increase sales at this time and is recommending a $75.00 to $100.00 incentive.  Discussion followed.


Guyer moved, Smith seconded to approve the implementation of the Member Referral Program from July 1, 2011 to August 31, 2011 with an incentive of $250.00 offered to the Member.  Move-in of the new Member must be completed by the end of September 2011.  Approved 5-0


Notification for the implementation of this policy will be by mailings in addition to the Highlands calendar.


Clubhouse Reservation Form/Policy


Changes to the Clubhouse Building Reservation form/policy were made capitalizing the word Member throughout the policy. 

Ellena moved, Moles seconded to accept the revised form/policy with the changes to the word Member as presented.  Approved 5-0


New Business


Jane Drolett


Ms. Drolett inquired if open fires are allowed on the property.  Ms Drolett stating that one of her neighbors had an open fire which she observed, including flames that exceeded the height of the Member’s privacy fence. 


Smith informed Ms. Drolett that the Cooperative does have a policy regarding open fires on the property.  Ms. Drolett was advised to call the police or the fire department if she should observe this again, and to also call the office to report it as soon as possible.


Old Business


Helen Geiger


Ms. Geiger noted that the Highlands website if not fully operational and wondered how much potential business the Cooperative might be missing.


Smith stated that she would take responsibility for this as she has been too busy to complete the task of reviewing website content.


Ms. Miller also stated that despite it being noted “under construction” she is still getting inquiries through e-mail when someone opens the website for information (contact information is on the page).


Ms. Geiger also asked if any decision about what to do with the Miller Rd. Property had been made. 


Moles stated that because of the foreseeable increases in water and natural gas he is opposed to spending the money to make the Miller Rd. into an office at this time.


Smith stated that the Board recently viewed the property but no decision has been made.

Her initial thought is to tear the house down and build more townhomes.  However, until the Board talks about this issue further she is not ready to commit to any specific plans.


Property Goals


Guyer pointed out that item #10 in the Board report should have Miller Rd. Property listed also.




Pharmacy Savings Program


Mr. Moles again reminded Members that the pharmacy cards offered by the National Association of Housing Cooperatives (NAHC) are available at the office.  Members can present these cards at their local pharmacy to determine if they are beneficial to them.




Cathy Runge, 


Ms. Runge inquired if Highlands has a policy regarding children’s pools.  When informed that such a policy does exist, Ms. Runge stated she was concerned about a pool in her area that was not being emptied regularly.  She stated she would review the policy herself.  


When the subject of electrical masts was addressed by another Member, Ms. Runge  asked if the electrical mast on her building could be inspected, as she has a long black wire hanging directly across her bedroom window.


Management will follow up with an inspection for Ms. Runge. 


Geogia Vroman, 


Ms. Vroman stated that she has observed several pole lights out in the parking lot areas. 


Management said they had inspected and identified lights not working in parking lot areas one evening last week.  Unfortunately, these poles belong to the Lansing Board of Water and Light (LBWL) and Highlands only rents them.  Management is notifying the LBWL of the needed repairs. 


Ms. Vroman also offered kudos to the excellent work the Grounds employees are doing.  The flowers, edging, and other parts of the property are looking wonderful.


Helen Geiger


Ms. Geiger asked about the status of the electrical masts.


Management acknowledged that work on all building electrical masts is being monitored.  Management also assured that these wires offer no threat of fire to the Cooperative. 


 Smith asked Management to provide her with a percentage of work completed.


Linda Masters


Ms. Masters asked if the Board might consider sponsoring a trip to a Tiger Baseball Game for Members.

Management was instructed to provide information regarding such an event for the Board to review at the July meeting. 


Jane Drolett 


Ms. Drolett stated that she felt the annual yard sale should have been announced sooner to the Members to allow for more participation.  Ms. Drolett also stated that she feels she is being chastised and not respected by the Board.             


Both Smith and Miller accepted responsibility for not getting the word out about the annual yard sale sooner. Smith assumes most Members are aware of when it is, since it takes place the same weekend every year.  However, next year an attempt will be made to remind Members sooner. 


Ms. Jane also reminded Ms. Drolett that respect is a two way street. 


Patricia Knight


Ms. Knight stated that oversights will occur and the notification of the yard sale was not a problem.  Ms. Knight also felt that overall our employees do a fantastic job caring for the needs of the Members.



Meeting Adjourned at 7:45 p.m.


I certify that this is a true and accurate statement of the Board Meeting of June 20, 2011.




Respectfully submitted,




Jackie Guyer, Secretary, Board of Directors

Highlands Cooperative Association