May 9, 2011



Board Members Present:Ellena, Guyer, Jane, Moles, Smith


Management Present:Miller, Lyon


Members:Sign-in sheet available


Meeting called to order at 6:35 p.m.




Jane moved, Ellena seconded to accept the Open Minutes of April 18, 2011 as written.Approved 5-0.


Accommodation Guidelines


The Board reviewed the Highlands Cooperative procedural guidelines when Members request special accommodations.Under the American Disabilities Act (ADA), Highlands is required to make reasonable accommodations upon a Memberís request, provided it does not cause a hardship to the property.Guidelines have been reviewed and revised over the years due to requests that have been made.


Management will amend title of guidelines to include reference to the ADA and capitalize each instance of the word Member (Members, Membership).


July 2011- HUD Elimination


Revised Highlands Cooperative Association By-Laws which will include elimination of HUD references are due to go into effect in July.Revisions that eliminate all references to HUD in our Occupancy Agreement are in progress also.


Due to the By-Law changes, cross references within the Occupancy Agreement may not always be the same.As a result, rewriting the Occupancy Agreement is much more involved than anticipated.However, Managementís goal is to have both documents completed by July.




The process of treating bedbugs in the Cooperative was discussed.It should be understood that bedbug infestations are not caused by a Member being a bad housekeeper or unkempt individual.It is important that Members not only report bedbugs immediately but that their unit and the units on both sides of the infected unit be treated also.Unfortunately, it is a very disruptive procedure to the Members involved. Currently, chemical treatment costs about $225.00 per unit; while heat treatment costs $1,200.00 per unit.Management recommends when a Member reports bedbugs that:


1.      The infected unit must be treated at no charge to the Member.

2.      Adjacent units on each side of the infected unit are treated at no charge to the Member(s).

3.      If a Member(s) in an adjacent unit refuses treatment and bedbugs are discovered later or are found to have spread to other units because of infestation and refusal of offered treatment; the Member(s) will be charged for treating theirs and/or other infested units.


Management will develop a policy for bedbug infestation and bring it back to the Board for review and approval at a future date.


Management will also be developing an informational packet for Members regarding bedbug identification and warning signs.


Smith Tree & Landscape


Management presented a copy of the letter from Smith Tree & Landscaping documenting the 5% pre-payment discount for the term of the 5-year contract for the Boardís review.


Gekle Builders


Employee Mark Robert informed the Board of his findings regarding various siding products and their warranties available.Mr. Robert reported that the lifetime limited warrant covering color, chipping and cracks of Certaineed Vinyl Siding product is the best in product and warranty.††


Mr. Robert also informed the Board that Gekle Builders is willing to guarantee their workmanship for 10 years and it is also in the contract.††


The Board approved the siding contract to Gekle Builders pending warranty clarifications at the April 2011 Board Meeting.




Jane asked if Management knew anything about the orange flags in the ground behind her unit.Management was aware the flags; believed they were placed there by Comcast but did not know why.Management will follow-up with this issue.



Property Goals


Guyer stated that when the 2011Property Goals were discussed at the April meeting, plans for the Miller Rd. Property should have been added to that list for future discussion.Board Consensus to do so.




Guyer stated that with the trash contract completed, the recycling costs and schedule needs to be addressed by the Board in the near future.Currently Highlands is paying $6,000.00 per year for recycling with only 32 to 42 Members per week using the service.


Mr. Robert informed the Board that he is looking into a number of options (weekly schedule changes, a recycling center, on-call pick-up schedules) and should have a report for the Board at Juneís meeting.


Drug Prescription Card


Moles asked if Management had any additional information regarding the Drug Prescription Card offered by Midwest Association of Housing Cooperatives (MAHC) which could provide a discount to our Members.


Management stated that information regarding these cards will be on the next Highlands calendar to our Members.




Cathy Runge, 1741 Georgetown


Ms. Runge stated that she has several little broken limbs around the base of maple trees in her back yard area, and asked if the Grounds staff could investigate to see if they should be removed.


Mr. Robert will follow-up with this request.


Ms. Runge also inquired about the garden plots.


Mr. Robert stated that the garden plots have been rototilled, strung with string, and are ready for planting.Soil samples have been taken but MSU is running about 10 days behind schedule with results.Results have to be sent to Ingham County and they will notify us of the findings.




Jane Drolett


Due to the previous agenda item regarding the ADA, Ms. Drolett read quotes from a booklet concerning the Federal Housing Act and the ADA.Highlands Cooperative is aware of this quoted information.


Ms. Drolett also reported that while installing an air conditioner in her bedroom window, she became aware that a portion of siding was missing from her neighborís unit near the roof.Management will follow-up with this matter.


Helen Geiger


Ms. Geiger stated concern that not all electrical masts on the buildings are attached.


Mr. Robert stated that when he talked to a representative of the Lansing Board of Water and Light, he had misunderstood that all work had, in fact, been completed.In actuality, a different crew must now complete the task that Ms. Geiger is referencing.


Unfortunately, this is not a task that Highlands is able to do.Smith has offered to contact the Lansing Board of Water and Light to attempt to speed up the repair process.Mr. Robert will email Smith his LBWL contact information.


Ms. Geiger asked if the web site is operational.Smith stated that Management had met all deadlines requested by the Board and the web site had been completed.All content and programming functionality must now be tested and approved before publication.


Highlands Vehicle Identification


The identification of all Highlands vehicles was discussed (Highlands name on each vehicle door and/or tailgate).The Board instructed Management to ensure that all vehicles are outfitted with some sort of identification.Management will follow-up with this task as instructed.


Meeting Adjourned at 7:21 p.m.




I certify that this is a true and accurate statement of the Board Meeting of May 9. 2011.



Respectfully submitted,




Jackie Guyer, Secretary, Board of Directors

Highlands Cooperative Association