Open Minutes

February 18, 2019



Board Members Present: Ellena, Green, Heist, James, Moles

Board Members Absent:

Management Present: Miller, Sinicropi


Meeting called to order at 7:04 p.m.



Moles opened the meeting with a comment about the full page advertisement for Highlands Cooperative in the annual concert program for the Fraternal Order of Police.



Open Minutes

Ellena moved to accept the minutes from the November 19, 2018 meeting as written. Green seconded.

Approved 5-0.



Management Report Agenda Items



Increase in Liability Insurance

Legacy is recommending an increase the current $10,000,000 coverage to $20,000,000 at an additional cost of $4207.56 ($10.1632 per unit). Scott would like to know what other midwest co-ops are doing with this. Kathy to see if MAHC has any recommendations or information on the limits other cooperatives have in place.

Consensus 5-0.


Member Selection Plan

Heist moved to approve the 3 recommended changes to the Member Selection Plan with the correction on page 5. Once corrected, Kathy will submit to Compliance for final approval. Green seconded.

Approved 5-0.


Carrying Charge Policy

Moles moved to approve the changes to the Carrying Charges Policy. Management to send the policy out to the Membership. Heist seconded.

Approved 5-0.



Dryer Vent Policy

Ellena moved to approve the new Dryer Vent Policy with corrections. Green seconded.

Approved 5-0.


Recycling Carts

Management updated the Board on the situation with the recycling carts outside the gates to the trash/recycle area. They are open to ideas to resolve this. Scott to discuss this topic at the Annual Meeting in March.

No Action Taken.


Truck Repair, 2007 Chevy Plow Truck

The 2007 Chevy Plow Truck needed a new transmission at a cost of $5,266. Moles approved this expense. By Consensus, the Board approved his decision.

Consensus 4-0.



New Business


Yellow Signs at Village Cooperative

Scott wanted to know why they recently installed signs about surveillance camera on property. Nanette not aware of anything major happening that would prompt them to install more cameras and signs.


Green Point Consulting

Management is very happy with the work done with the tree and grass treatments. Moles moved to keep them another three years without approval each year and to pre-pay them each year for a savings of 5%. The savings for 2019 is $2,292.05. Heist seconded.

Approved 5-0.



Old Business





Member Concerns


Judy Witt, 6105 Haag

Judy had some questions on the new Dryer Vent Policy. It was mentioned that Highlands would be inspecting the dryer vents with the Annual Inspections. She wanted to know if the maintenance staff will be replacing the dryer vents with new non-flexible metal type, if the old type of vent is there? Yes, if the authorization form has been signed by the Member.

Adjourned at 8:21 p.m.



Respectfully Submitted,




Mary P. Heist, Secretary, Board of Directors

Highlands Cooperative Association