Open Minutes

September 18, 2017



Board Members Present:  Ellena, Green, Heist, Moles

Board Members Absent:  none

Management Present:  Miller, Sinicropi


Meeting called to order at 6:36 p.m.



Open Minutes.


Ellena moved to accept the August 21, 2017, minutes.  Green seconded.

Approved 4-0.



Management Report – Agenda Items


Budget for 2017/2018

Moles moved to accept the 2017-2018 budget proposal with a monthly increase of $3.00.  Ellena seconded.

Approved 4-0.


Selection Criteria

Upon approval of Paula Moore in the Legacy Compliance Department, Moles moved to approve the new selection criteria for new Members.  Ellena seconded. 

Approved 4-0.


Highlands’ Drone Video

Moles moved to approve the use of the drone video on the Legacy, LLC website.  Heist seconded.

Approved 4-0.



New Business




Old Business




Member Concerns


Georgia Vroman asked when the alternative parking lot was going to be resurfaced.  Will it be soon?  Nanette said that bids are still being taken.  The plans are to resurface the parking spots inside the fence and the mud hole outside the fence across from the dumpsters.  Also, making two lanes (one going in and one going out) to the trash area is a possibility.  This will probably be done next summer.




Adjourned at 7:08 p.m.



Respectfully Submitted,




Mary P. Heist, Secretary, Board of Directors

Highlands Cooperative Association