Open Minutes

May 15, 2017



Board Members Present: Ellena, Fowler, Green, Heist, Moles

Board Members Absent: None

Management Present: Miller, Sinicropi


Meeting called to order at 6:44 p.m.



Open Minutes.


Green moved to accept the April 17, 2017. Ellena seconded.

Approved 5-0.



Management Report Agenda Items


Honeywell Instant Alert System

Nanette gave some basic information to the Members in attendance. This is something that Highlands is considering. More details will be provided after a decision has been made by the Board.

No Action Taken.


Copier Purchase

The current copier is 12 years old and replacement parts are no longer available. The staff has noticed issues recently with the copier. Ellena moved to authorize the purchase of a new printer (Canon C5535i Color MFP) through Hasselbring Clark at a cost of $10,394.36. The service contract amount is $1,044 per year which includes the ink. This is an annual savings of $1,443 over the service contract for the current copier. The number of copies in the service agreement could be adjusted year by year, if needed. Heist seconded.

Approved 5-0.


Green Point Consulting Tree and lawn treatments

Heist moved to authorize the prepayment for the 2017 service at a savings of $2,159.05. The Board will review this each year contingent on Highlands being happy with the service being delivered. Moles seconded.

Approved 5-0.




Old Business





New Business





Member Concerns.


Georgia Vroman asked if Highlands will be looking at the flower beds anytime soon for items that should not be stored there. She also commented on signs on lawns that are not supposed to be there. Nanette said that she will be going around the property and looking at these types of things soon since the weather is getting better. The signs are not supposed to be outside, but are allowed inside.


Linda Masters asked about the condition of a privacy fence of a neighbor. It has never been treated in the 20 years that she has lived here. Nanette will take a look. She did comment that the fence does not have to be a color.



Adjourned at 7:00 p.m.




Respectfully Submitted,




Mary P. Heist, Secretary, Board of Directors

Highlands Cooperative Association